Dentures are often used as a replacement for lost teeth, and at Smiles for Life, we can make sure your dentures fit comfortably, function well, and look great. After all, Dr. Tim Brooks and his team want to make sure your mouth is healthy and comfortable, and that you look your best. While there are a lot of high tech alternatives for replacing lost teeth, dentures provide a simple and affordable solution.

Advantages of Dentures

There are many advantages to using dentures to replace lost teeth, but it’s important to make sure your dentures fit well.  A poorly fit set of dentures is almost as bad as leaving your mouth empty. Wearing an ill-fitting set of dentures or leaving your mouth empty can cause similar oral health problems. For example, an empty mouth or poorly fitting dentures can affect the muscles around your mouth in ways that make you look older! Also, when you can’t chew naturally, either because you don’t have teeth or because your false teeth don’t fit well, your jawbone will atrophy and degrade. This degradation is caused by the absence of pressure normally imparted to the bone tissue through chewing. Poorly fitting dentures or a mouth devoid of teeth will be very obvious to everyone else, which means you won’t look your best.

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We can make sure you have comfortably fitting dentures that look great. After all, we know how difficult it is to find affordable dentures that look great and function well. We hear the frustrations of denture wearers who pay large sums of money only to be disappointed by dentures that look like dentures and just don’t fit. Let us put our expertise to work for you to give you the high-quality dentures you deserve.

Reach out to the Smiles for Life team, at 952-888-2300, for a free consultation to find out if our dentures are right for you.

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