CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns

The Smiles for Life team can correct problems such as missing teeth, worn or broken fillings, and even close spaces between teeth with the help of dental bridges and crowns. This process is now faster and easier than ever before thanks to our use of the CEREC 3D® system.

CEREC 3D® Same-Day Crowns

CEREC 3D® uses precision scanning, powerful 3D modeling software, and a special milling device to create your new crowns or bridges while you wait. All of this allows us to deliver more precisely fitting bridges and crowns to your teeth more quickly than possible in the past. Plus, with the help of the CEREC 3D® modeling software, we can produce a specific and consistent appearance for your crowns or bridges.


Speed is a huge advantage of using the CEREC 3D® process! Without this technology, we would have to take an impression of your tooth; a process that was invariably time consuming and messy. We would then use this impression to laboriously craft your bridge or crown. The process of creating the restoration would take long enough that you’d have to come back for another visit to our office. Then, once the crown or bridge was finished, we would probably have to alter your underlying tooth structure to accommodate it.

Fortunately, with CEREC 3D® same-day crowns these inconveniences are virtually eliminated. The clean and precise process of scanning your existing tooth eliminates the mess, inconvenience, and imprecision of taking an impression. Moreover, the greater precision of the scan and the 3D modeling software means we will have to remove far less of your existing tooth structure so the crown or bridge will fit. Finally, the ability to rapidly create the bridge or crown right in our office will eliminate the need to pay us a second visit to finish this work.

Cerec Same-Day Crowns in Bloomington MN

Dr. Brooks and our patients are so happy with the results of CEREC 3D® that it’s our favorite method of producing restorations at Smiles For Life. Call us today at 952-888-2300 for a free consultation to see if bridges and crowns produced through CEREC 3D® are right for you.

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