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Pizza may be your favorite food, but that doesn’t mean you should eat it every day. Similarly, Mountain Dew or white wine may be your favorite beverage, but it shouldn’t be the liquid you consume the most each day. That distinction goes to water. Below, we take a look at some of the reasons why, from a dental perspective, water should be your most consumed beverage day in and day out.

Water Is Your Mouth’s Best Friend

Here’s a look at a number of reasons why water should be your drink of choice each and every day:

  1. It Protects Your Teeth Unlike sodas and coffee whose sugar and acidity serve to break down tooth enamel, water actually makes your teeth stronger. That’s because city water sources are treated with fluoride, a compound that helps to strengthen enamel, which in turn helps to reduce your cavity risk. So not only are you avoiding sugars and acids, but you’re also actively strengthening your teeth every time you choose water over soda, juice, or coffee.
  2. It Helps Clean Your Mouth Another reason why water should be your preferred beverage is because it helps to clean your mouth of food particles and leftover acids. These food and drink wastes can linger on our teeth’s surfaces and contribute to enamel breakdown or tooth discoloration. Water helps remove these particles, so it’s a good idea to drink water with meals or shortly after drinking things like soda or coffee.
  3. Prevents Dry Mouth Dry mouth may seem like just a mild annoyance, but it can also contribute to tooth breakdown. Your saliva helps to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in your mouth, and if you’re not producing enough saliva, which is common if you’re suffering from dry mouth, then you may have an excess amount of bacteria in your mouth. Drinking water can help you remain hydrated and prevent problematic dry mouth.
  4. Zero Calorie Finally, water is a healthy option for your whole body because it’s a zero-calorie option. Diet sodas may also list zero calories on their label, but they are packed with other artificial sweeteners that can break down your teeth. Water won’t damage your teeth or lead to extra calories and weight gain, so make it your most consumed beverage throughout the day.
  5. Won’t Stain Your Teeth Water also won’t stain your teeth like coffee can. This clear liquid doesn’t stain teeth and can actually help remove liquids or foods that can lead to stains, so it’s an all-purpose teeth cleaner. Try to drink water alongside your coffee so that the coffee doesn’t sit on your teeth for hours on end.

For more tips on why water should be your drink of choice, or to talk to Dr. Brooks about scheduling your next dental appointment, pick up the phone and give his office a call today.

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