Teeth Habits

4 Daily Habits That Could Be Harming Your Teeth

Our teeth are powerful, but if they are to stay that way throughout our life, we need to protect them and avoid putting them in harm’s way. Certain traumatic events like a car accident or a wild elbow on the basketball court are unavoidable events that can damage our teeth, but what about more innocuous actions we do on a more regular basis that stress our teeth? Often people don’t realize the extent to which these actions are damaging their teeth. These four daily habits can damage or harm your teeth.

Daily Habits To Avoid

If you do any of these four activities, you’ll want to take a step back and reevaluate some of your daily choices, as they could be doing more damage to your teeth than you realize.

  1. Your Main Drink Isn’t Water – We’re not saying you only need to drink water throughout the day, but if you’re drinking more coffee, soda, or beer than water, you’re inevitably exposing your teeth to harm. Sodas leave sugar on your teeth, which can contribute to plaque development and enamel breakdown, coffee can stain teeth and damage enamel, and alcohol can irritate gums and lead to several oral issues. Drinking other beverages in moderation is fine, but make sure water is the liquid you consume most of every day.
  2. You Chew Things That Aren’t Food – Another way in which people can damage their teeth is by chewing on objects that aren’t food. Things like pens, pencils, fingernails, ice cubes, or using your teeth to open packages can harm your teeth. These objects can lead to broken fillings or cracked teeth, which will lead to a dental bill you don’t want to pay. If it’s not food, don’t bite or chew on it.
  3. Unaddressed Teeth Grinding – A lot of people grind their teeth when they are stressed or anxious, and while it can be easy to stop the behavior at the moment, a lot of people unknowingly grind their teeth in their sleep. As we explained in a previous blog about teeth grinding, there are several different treatment options to prevent teeth grinding and to protect your teeth. Reducing stress, improving your diet or sleeping with a night mouthguard can all help to limit damage from teeth grinding at night.
  4. Tobacco Use – Tobacco use is probably the most preventable type of damage people do to their teeth regularly. Aside from staining your teeth and contributing to bad breath, the tobacco makes you much more likely to develop periodontal disease or oral cancer. You should strongly consider giving up tobacco products for your oral and overall health.

To learn more about the ways we’re unknowingly or damaging our teeth, reach out to our team today.