Smiles in the Sun Conference

Smiles for LifeOur entire team attended a conference in Long Boat Key, Florida titled “Smiles in the Sun” from April 13th to April 16th. The conference was incredible and jam packed with the newest technologies and products. We are all excited to implement some of the new products and services that improve our results and make dental visits more pleasant for you, our patients.

The Numbee

One such product is The Numbee, a needleless anesthetic that is great for people of all ages, especially children. It allows us to numb the tooth without injecting into the tissue. The anesthetic is soaked in between the tooth and the gum tissue using a plastic tip to deliver the anesthetic.

Denta Light

Another is the Denta Light oral cancer screening system. Denta Light is a handheld wand that uses a fluorescent light to detect abnormal cells in the mouth. Abnormal cells reflect a color change under this light. This will allow us to do a cancer exam at every cleaning and exam visit.

These are just a couple of the technologies we are implementing. Our entire team continues to improve our knowledge and skills to better serve you!