Mouth New Years Resolutions

5 Mouth-Friendly Resolutions For The New Year

If you’re looking to add some resolutions to your list for the new year, consider taking some steps in the new year to brighten your smile and keep your teeth healthy. But what daily habits should you try to add to protect your mouth in the new year?

5 Tooth-Friendly Resolutions

If you make these five small changes to your daily routine, we’re confident your teeth and gums will be protected long into the new year.

  1. Brushing 2×2 – A lot of people only brush their teeth once a day, while others brush twice but only for 30-45 seconds. Make sure you hit the 2×2 mark every day in the new year. What we mean by this is, you’re always brushing at least twice a day for a minimum of two minutes each session. This will ensure you can hit all the necessary surfaces and keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  2. Start a Floss Routine – Most people don’t floss, and even if you do, you probably don’t do it regularly. Flossing is one of the best things we can do for our teeth and gums because it helps to reach the places your toothbrush can’t easily hit. When food particles stay trapped between your teeth, it creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn leads to tooth decay. So this year, buy some flosser sticks, a water flosser, or the old fashioned floss pack and make it a point to floss before bed each night.
  3. Drink More Water – Water is excellent for your teeth for several reasons. For starters, it contains fluoride, which helps strengthen our enamel and keep our teeth healthy. It also doesn’t have sugars or acids in it like other beverages like soda or juices. These sugars and acids serve to break down tooth enamel. Water also helps to wash food particles off our teeth surfaces, preventing tooth decay. Strive to drink more water throughout the day and with meals in the new year.
  4. Limit Unhealthy Snacking – If you snack throughout your day, your teeth are going to be exposed to sugars and acids that can lead to teeth degeneration for longer durations. That’s not to say you can’t have a snack, but sticky raisins or sugary graham crackers probably aren’t your best options to eat as a stand-alone snack. If you’re going to snack, stick to low sugar and low acidic foods, and consider drinking water while you snack to keep these additives from settling on the surface of your teeth.
  5. Schedule That Dentist Appointment – You should be seeing your dentist twice a year, so if you’re not already on the schedule for your next appointment, pick up the phone and schedule your routine cleaning. Not only will the visit help to protect your teeth in the short-term, but your dentist can also spot signs of a potential issue to prevent more significant problems from arising. Make sure you and your family see the dentist for your regular cleanings this year.

For more mouth-friendly resolutions, or to schedule your next visit, contact our team today.