Electronic Dental Records

The Importance of Electronic Dental Records

Dental records, as the name implies, are charts and information about a specific patient’s teeth. They are similar to medical records that your physician may keep at their office, and they are beneficial to both the patient and dentist in many ways. Here’s a look at why dental records are important for your oral health.


When examined as a whole, dental records can give a dentist a good idea of how a patient’s mouth is changing over time. They can see if teeth are coming in at the right angle, or which teeth are likely to cause problems down the road. By looking at a combination of records and imaging results, a dentist can stop potential issues in their infancy.

Weak Spots and Cavities

Dental imaging records can also detect where your tooth enamel is worn down and where cavities exist. Once addressed by a dentist, new images can see how the filling is protecting the weak spot. By pinpointing weak spots or locations where plague is prone to buildup, dentists can let patients know which areas to pay close attention to while they’re brushing and flossing.

Good From Clinic to Clinic

Another great thing about electronic dental records is that you can transfer them from one clinic to another. If you move, you go off to college or your dentist retires and you need to find a new clinic, your former dental office can easily send your dental records on to your new dentist. Instead of starting from scratch, a dental professional can simply look at your records and decipher how to best care for your teeth.

Easy To View

Electronic dental images, like an X-ray, can be viewed almost instantly after the X-ray is taken. Doctors can enlarge images and get a good understanding of your teeth without needing to look directly in your mouth. This helps to streamline your dental visit and helps you complete your visit in a quick manner.

Environmentally Friendly

Back in the day, your dental records were stored on paper in filing cabinets. Now, records are stored digitally and securely. Not only is this good for the environment, but your records would be safe in the event of a pipe burst or fire at the office.

Electronic dental records make it easier for your dentist to provide you with the best level of care. If you are looking for a new dentist and want your records safely forwarded to our clinic, please give us a call and we’ll help you get your electronic dental records. For more information, contact Dr. Brooks’ office today.