Kids Brush Teeth

Tips For Getting Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

You’ve probably grown to appreciate the role brushing your teeth has in your dental care routine over the years, but as a kid, you probably weren’t head over heels for making time to brush 2-3 times a day. Most kids don’t want to stop playing with their toys or watching a movie to get in front of the mirror and brush their teeth, but it’s essential for keeping their teeth healthy long into their adult years.

Since it’s important that children regularly brush their teeth, but it’s an activity that most won’t do on their own, how can we make it so that brushing their teeth seems less like a chore? Below, we share some tips for making brushing their teeth a more enjoyable experience.

Add Some Music

Don’t just sit there and brush in silence for two minutes, spice up the bathroom routine with some music. Play one of your child’s favorite songs and sing and dance while you brush. There are also some apps for your phone that have videos or music that plays for two minutes, so you child knows exactly how long they need to brush for. Find what works best for your child.

Reward Good Brushers

Find a way to motivate your child to brush their teeth. Whether that’s letting them pick the bedtime story, putting a sticker on the chore chart or simply getting a big high five from mom and dad, reward them for good brushing habits. While candy and chocolate may be good rewards for other behaviors, we don’t recommend it for a well brushed mouth!

Favorite Characters

Odds are your child has a favorite cartoon or superhero, so consider adding them to the routine. Whether that’s a Buzz Lightyear toothbrush or by finding a story about brushing on Youtube featuring their favorite character (there’s more out there than you might imagine), find a way to incorporate their favorite character into their brushing routine.

A Family Affair

Even if you’re not ready for bed when your child is brushing their teeth, it’s a good habit to brush your teeth while they are brushing theirs. Not only does it set a good example, but kids often want to emulate mom and dad, so if they see you doing it, they’ll be more likely to have a good attitude about brushing. Bring the whole family in to brush their teeth if it helps!

Regular Routine

Our final tip involves setting a routine and sticking to it. It can be easy to get out of a normal bathroom routine if you’ve had long days or are on vacation, but make it a point to help your child brush in the morning and at night. Don’t let skipping the brushing routine become a habit. Do it every day, and it will become second nature in no time.