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Did you know, Smiles for Life offers snore prevention services? Snoring is something many of us have come to accept as a normal part of sleep, but there is an increasing amount of evidence indicating snoring is unhealthy in a variety of ways. Snoring consists of rattling vibrations in the throat caused by a narrowing of the airway. In fact, a study from the UCLA School of Dentistry indicates this narrowing of the airway restricts the amount of air that can enter the lungs, which in turn causes the blood pressure to soar; and that high blood pressure can damage the walls of the carotid arteries, increasing the risk of stroke.

Poor Quality of Sleep

In addition to the profound risk of cardiovascular problems associated with snoring, this phenomenon is also associated with poor quality of sleep. The struggle for air disrupts the snorer’s sleep patterns, resulting in a much lower quality of rest. Moreover, the noise a snorer makes can interrupt the sleep of anyone else within earshot, which translates into poor sleep for the entire family. And a poorly rested family is likely to have other health problems associated with sleep deprivation.

Because of the problems snoring can cause to individuals and their families, we offer the Silent Night Snore Prevention Device. The Silent Night Snore Prevention Device is a plastic mouthpiece worn at night to alleviate the narrowing of the air passage that causes snoring.

Dental Care in Bloomington, MN

When you come to our office for the Silent Night Snore Prevention Device, Dr. Brooks will take precise measurements of your jaw and related anatomy. Then a mouthpiece will be custom made to re-position your lower jaw at the perfect angle to keep your airway open. With your airway kept open in the ideal position as you sleep, you’ll enjoy lower blood pressure, lower risk of stroke, and your family will enjoy a better night’s rest.

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