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We strongly believe good dental health is crucial to your overall health and an attractive smile is great for your self-confidence. For both of these reasons, Smiles For Life is dedicated to the preventive care required to maintain your mouth in the best condition possible.

Naturally, the best way to make sure you get the best preventive dental care is to schedule a routine cleaning and exam. A basic cleaning goes a long way toward maintaining your dental health by removing tartar and plaque and preventing periodontal disease. Routine cleanings also help maintain your appearance by removing discoloring deposits so you can have a brighter smile.

Leading Edge Dental Technology

We have also integrated leading-edge technology into our routine dental exams. Our dental exams begin with a visual examination of your mouth where we look for cavities, periodontitis, lesions in the tissue of your mouth or gums, and anything else that may appear abnormal. In addition to a general visual exam, we look for things that are more difficult to spot with an unaided eye by taking digital X-rays and performing an oral cancer screening.

The X-ray part of the examination is accomplished with the help of our Digital Dental X-ray system. Much like your digital camera, the images taken by the Digital X-ray system are instantly displayed on a computer screen. This allows us to make a quicker and more accurate diagnosis. Plus, it uses only half the radiation of old fashioned film X-rays, so it’s safer for you too.

With the help of our fluorescent oral cancer light, we are able to spot oral cancer at a much earlier stage than possible with a conventional visual exam. This is great news because oral cancer is much easier to treat in its earlier stages!

Preventive Dental Care in Bloomington, MN

We understand other medical conditions, any medications you take, and your diet can affect your dental health as well. For that reason, we evaluate the diet and medications of all of our patients so we can deliver the most effective care possible, with respect to your unique medical and dental needs.

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