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Jaw pain is not normal, so don’t just grit your teeth and try to push through it. If you’re suffering from jaw pain, make it a point to set up an appointment with Dr. Tim Brooks and the experienced team at Smiles For Life Dental in Bloomington, Minnesota. We don’t just care about your teeth, we care about your whole mouth and jaw, so let us care for any pain or discomfort you might be having. Learn more about how we treat jaw pain below.

Bloomington Jaw Pain Dentist

Dr. Brooks and the detailed team at Smiles For Life Dental have been helping treat jaw pain at their Bloomington office for more than a decade, and we’d be happy to help find a solution that works for you. We’ve helped patients from all over the neighboring area, so if you truly want to get to the bottom of your jaw pain, swing into our Bloomington office. So whether you live in Chaska, Shakopee, Chanhassen, Burnsville, Apple Valley or right here in our backyard, trust your mouth and jaw to the fantastic team at Smiles For Life Dental.

Treating Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can develop for a variety of reasons, so it’s very important that you seek out a professional diagnosis so that you can get on the right course of treatment. At Dr. Brooks’ office, we have a number of different diagnostic tools that can help us figure out what’s going on in your jaw, and more importantly, how to take care of the issue. We’ve helped patients whose jaw pain has stemmed from a tooth infection, a jaw misalignment, poorly healed fractures and rare bone conditions, so odds are we’ve seen it and treated it before. Don’t assume that jaw pain is just something everybody deals with as you get older, because oftentimes it’s a sign of a more serious, but treatable issue. As with most medical conditions, treatment success likelihood increases when treatment begins sooner, so don’t delay. Contact Dr. Brooks’ office today for questions about your jaw pain.

Resources on Jaw Pain

Dr. Brooks and his team help treat jaw pain so frequently that they’ve put together some informative articles on the subject. Check them out below.

Contact A Jaw Pain Dentist in Bloomington

So if you’re dealing with jaw discomfort when eating or at other times throughout the day, make an appointment to see Dr. Brooks. Jaw pain is not normal, and we’d be happy to help get to the bottom of your pain so you can get back to a pain-free way of living. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact our Bloomington office at (952) 888-2300 or swing by in person. Our clinic is located at:

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