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Dental implants are a great tool for helping a person give their smile a more natural look. They can be implanted for a number of reasons, but the most common cause for the insertion of a dental implant is due to the cracking or breaking of a tooth, or because extensive tooth decay requires that a tooth be removed. At Smiles For Life Dental in Bloomington, we’ve removed countless teeth and inserted custom-built restorations that appear natural. If you believe you’d benefit from a dental implant insertion, reach out to Dr. Brooks’ office today.

Bloomington Dentist That Performs Implants

Dr. Brooks and his team can both insert new dental implants or restore worn or damaged implants. He’s been performing these procedures for years at his Bloomington based clinic, and he’s worked with patients from all over the area. He’s helped patients from Richfield, Edina, West Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Savage, Burnsville and many other area communities. So if you need a dental implant or an old implant is giving you trouble, reach out to Dr. Brooks’ office today.

The Dental Implant Restoration Process

Dental implant restoration can mean one of two things in the dental world. The first is restoring a natural smile through the insertion of dental hardware, and the second is the restoration of previous implants that have worn down, broken or never ossified to the jaw bone as the dentist had hoped. We’ll go into a little more detail on both types of restoration below.

The most common type of dental implant restoration is when a damaged tooth is removed and a custom-designed tooth is inserted into its place. We have the technology to map and custom create an artificial tooth to replace the damaged tooth, and we can match it to your current smile so people won’t be able to tell that you have an implant. For patients who lost a tooth during athletic activity or those whose tooth decayed due to infection, dental implant restoration is a gamechanger, and we have the ability to create the piece, remove the old tooth and insert the implant in just two simple visits.

We also have the ability to restore implants that have cracked or failed to ossify to the jaw bone. These instances are rarer, because with today’s technologies, artificial tooth hardware can last for decades and typically never needs to be readdressed. However, if your artificial tooth does not fuse to your jaw bone as hoped, or trauma causes it to become loose, we can restore your dental implant to a preferred state. If your implant is causing issues, reach out to Dr. Brooks’ office today.

More Information on Dental Implant Restoration

Here are some more informative pieces that Dr. Brooks and his team have put together on the subject of dental implant restoration:

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If you’re dealing with constant tooth pain, or you’ve been told that a tooth is going to need to be removed in the near future, contact Dr. Brooks’ office today to learn more about your restorative options. We’re priced competitively and have all the technology in-house to get your implants designed and inserted in days, not weeks. If you’d like more information, or would like to set up a dental consultation, give our office a call at (952) 888-2300 or visit us in person at:

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