5 Ways To Prevent Wine Stains On Your Teeth

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5 Ways To Prevent Wine Stains On Your Teeth

We all want to keep our teeth looking pearly white, but some of the foods and liquids we put in our mouth can stain our teeth. Coffee is probably the most common culprit, but so too is another favorite – red wine. If you’re sipping a glass or two and swishing it around your mouth to appreciate the taste, how can you prevent the wine from staining your teeth?

Preventing Wine Stained Teeth

  1. Brush Before You Imbibe – You don’t need to brush right before your glass is filled, but consider brushing before you head out to a restaurant or to meet up with your friends. Red wine sticks to plaque and the thin film it produces, so if you can remove this from your teeth before you drink, it will help keep stains off your teeth.
  2. Don’t Switch – You might think you’re doing right by your teeth by starting with white wine and then switching to red, but white wine has higher acidity than red wine. This acidity can wear down your enamel and make red wine stains look worse. If you plan on having red wine, start with it and stick with it.
  3. Mix in Water – It’s also a good idea to drink water or seltzer water alongside your red wine. Water can help keep the wine from settling on your teeth, and the bubbles in seltzer water can help to remove the stain as well.
  4. Floss Daily – Flossing will help to remove plaque that can wear down enamel and make wine stains worse, so make sure you are flossing each day.
  5. Brush When You’re Done – Finally, make sure you brush your teeth again after the meal or before the end of the night. This will help to remove any discoloration and prevent the acid and sugars from lingering on your teeth any longer than they need to. Brushing will also help maintain your long-term dental health and protect your enamel, which is essential for helping keep your teeth white.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to get semi-annual checkups and cleanings from a dental professional. These cleanings will help remove any surface stains and can help strengthen your enamel, so you maintain the integrity of your teeth.

If it’s been a while since your last appointment, or it’s nearing time to get it on the calendar, give us a call to set up your appointment with Dr. Brooks.


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