Spring Break Tips For Your Teeth

Spring Break Teeth Tips

Spring Break Tips For Your Teeth

Many schools are letting out for spring break soon, and while a tropical getaway may be just what you need, if your diet also goes on a break, it can be harmful to your teeth. Just because you have some time off doesn’t mean you can also take a vacation from healthy dental practices.

Spring Break and Your Teeth

Whether you and your family are enjoying a tropical vacation, or just enjoying a staycation at home, keep these tips in mind so your teeth stay protected when you’re out of your regular daily routine.

  1. Water is Your Best Friend – It can be easy to slurp down orange juice for breakfast, a soda at lunch and a margarita with supper, but that exposes your teeth to excess sugar throughout the day. Try to drink more water at meals and throughout the day. If you’re going to indulge with juices or sugary concoctions, drink water at the same time to help wash sugars and acids from teeth surfaces.
  2. Stick To Your Brushing Schedule – It can be easy to want to get out of the hotel room early in the morning and skip brushing, and the same goes for when you finally get back to your room at night. However, if you don’t stick to your regular brushing routine, your teeth are going to be exposed to harmful bacteria during the day and night. Also, getting out of this routine may lead to worse brushing habits when you’re back in your routine. Even if you don’t want to, take two minutes each morning and night to get your brushing in.
  3. Pack Healthy Snacks – If you’re packing snacks for a long flight or car ride, have your teeth in mind when making a meal plan. Sugary snacks or those loaded with carbs can contribute to plaque buildup and tooth decay, so pack some healthier options. Fruits and veggies are great options to help provide nourishment and protect your teeth on spring break.
  4. Grab Some Gum – Similar to water; gum can be your best friend on a spring break trip. Not only does gum help to stimulate saliva, which actively helps to maintain a healthy amount of bacteria in your mouth, but it can also help to control cravings and limit potentially harmful snacking. Be sure you pack some sugar-free gum before you take off on your trip!
  5. Dental Visit – If you’re planning a staycation during your spring break, now is a perfect time to schedule a dentist appointment because kids won’t miss any school. Plan on setting up an appointment well in advance, but if you forgot, give your dentist a call and see if you can get on a cancellation list. Many offices create a list of people who are looking to get into the office as soon as possible, and when a last-minute cancellation occurs, they turn to this list to try and fill that appointment. Odds are you’ll be able to get in at some point during the week if you get on the list.

For more tips about how you can keep your teeth healthy over spring break, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brooks, reach out to our team today.

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