5 Ways To Keep Your Smile Bright Throughout The Holidays

Holiday Smile

5 Ways To Keep Your Smile Bright Throughout The Holidays

As we’ve mentioned before, the holidays can be tough on our teeth, but we can fight back against the tooth damaging bacteria with some simple steps. This holds true for parents and children, so today, we want to share some tips for parents to help keep their smiles and their child’s smile healthy and white throughout the holidays.

Mouth-Focused Stocking Stuffers

If you fill your child’s stocking or celebrate St. Nick’s Day, you may be giving your child some small stocking stuffers. Consider adding a new toothbrush to their stocking, or throw in some other mouth-focused products. They may not be the most exciting options, but adding a toothbrush or healthy chewing gum to the stocking alongside some sweet treats will help remind your child to take care of their teeth this winter.

Seasonal Brushing Songs

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, one of the best ways to get your child to buy into the tooth brushing process is to make it a fun experience. One tip we preach to make it more fun is to sing or dance while you brush your teeth with your kids. This holiday season, have your Alexa play some holiday favorites or fire up Youtube on your phone and see which Christmas carols are fun to sing while brushing your teeth.

Teeth Aren’t For Opening Gifts

When it’s time for presents, be sure you have scissors or multi-tool handy to help open anything packaged in plastic or difficult to open. A lot of times kids or parents will resort to using their teeth to open the package, and that can lead to broken or cracked teeth. Plan ahead so you don’t have to resort to using your teeth to open a tightly packaged toy.

Daily Dental Habits

You’re going to be talking with friends and family and posing for countless photos along the way, and if you’re like most people you’re going to want your teeth to be as white as possible for these occasions. Make sure you are brushing twice a day and flossing in order to help keep cavity-causing particles off your teeth. The holidays are often a busy time, but you’re never too busy to take a couple of minutes to brush and floss your teeth. Don’t let the holiday season lead you into poor brushing habits.

Whitening Safety

The holiday season is probably the most common time for a person to look into teeth whitening products. Whether they want to have their smile look the whitest on their Christmas card or they just want to have a confident smile at the office holiday party, now is a common time for people to invest in a whitening kit. These kits have gotten safer over the years, but make sure you follow the written directions on the back. For better results, make sure you’re only using whitening products that have been given the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance, and consider talking to your dentist before beginning a whitening routine.

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