5 Tips For Caring For Your Teeth When You’re Pregnant

Pregnant Teeth

5 Tips For Caring For Your Teeth When You’re Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, you want to do everything in your power to live a healthy lifestyle so that your baby can have a healthy development in the womb. You take care of yourself by exercising and eating right, but you also need to take good care of your dental health during this time. If you ignore your teeth, not only will your teeth suffer, but it can actually lead to health issues that could affect your baby.

To make sure your teeth and gums are cared for during your pregnancy, we’ve compiled a list of the top five things you need to do for your teeth while you’re pregnant. If you follow the tips on this list, you’ll be doing right by you and your unborn child.

How To Care For Your Teeth When Pregnant

Here are five things you should be doing on a regular basis if you are pregnant.

  1. Brushing Twice A Day – Brushing twice a day helps to protect our teeth from cavity-causing bacteria. Pregnancy hormones can leave you an increased risk for gum disease or tooth decay, so it’s especially important that you take the time at least twice a day to protect your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste.
  2. Regular Dental Visits – As we’ve talked about on the blog in the past, it is perfectly safe to go to the dentist if you’re pregnant. Even if you need dental x-rays or an anesthetic, it’s safe as long as your let the dentist know about your condition. So whether you’re due for a cleaning or you think you might have a cavity, keep going to the dentist as you normally would despite the fact that you’re pregnant.
  3. Balanced Diet – A healthy diet is important for your growing child, but it also helps to ward off problems in your mouth. As we mentioned above, pregnancy hormones can leave you more susceptible to dental problems, so don’t add to the problem by over-consuming sugar-packed products that facilitate bacteria growth and tooth decay. Eat a range of vitamins and minerals, and be sure that your drink of choice is water.
  4. Floss – Pregnancy-related gum disease is an issue for many others, and one way to prevent against it is to ensure you remove plaque and other particles between your teeth with floss. You may have a little bleeding when flossing, but that should slow down and stop as you begin to floss more regularly. Make a nightly habit of flossing to help protect against pregnancy-related gum disease.
  5. The Aftermath of Morning Sickness – Finally, if you’re suffering from morning sickness that is causing you to vomit, care for your teeth after an episode. Brush your teeth after you vomit, and consider drinking a mixture of water and a teaspoon of baking soda, as it can help prevent tooth damage that could be caused by stomach acid.

For more dental tips whether or not you’re pregnant, reach out to Smiles for Life Dental today.

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