4 Diet Tips To Prevent Against Cavities

Preventing Cavities

4 Diet Tips To Prevent Against Cavities

Cavities develop when we allow plaque and bacteria to damage the surface of our teeth, and one way in which we can either set up or prevent against providing a good environment for tooth decay to occur is through our diet. What we eat and drink plays a big role in whether or not cavity-causing bacteria are allowed to prosper in our mouth.

Practicing good dental hygiene by brushing and flossing daily can go a long way in preventing against cavities, but so too can a healthy diet. Today, we share four tips for ensuring that the diet we eat isn’t putting us at risk for cavity development.

Make Water Your Drink of Choice

Water is a great choice because not only does it avoid jeopardizing your teeth like some other drinks, it actually works to strengthen them. Water contains fluoride, which helps to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Other drinks, like sodas, juices, coffee or alcohol can all cause problems for your teeth. Sugas from juices and sugars can create a perfect environment for cavity-causing bacteria, coffee can stain teeth, and alcohol can negatively affect your gum health. Stick with water as your main liquid of choice, and you’ll reduce your cavity risk.

Dairy, Veggies and Fruit are Great Options

You have to be a little careful about the acidity and natural sugars in some fruits, but these food groups all provide essential vitamins and minerals that can strengthen your teeth and help prevent cavities. Calcium and potassium help to improve bone mineral density, which is necessary for strong and healthy teeth. Make these foods groups the main focus of your meal.

Avoid Sticky Foods

Foods like gummies, raisins and other dried fruits are not only packed with artificial or natural sugars, but they also have a tendency to stick to your teeth. The longer they remain on the tooth surface, the more damage they can do in terms of causing cavities. If you’re going to eat these foods, eat them in combination with other foods, as that will help to naturally wipe them off your teeth surfaces. Also consider brushing your teeth after eating these foods.

Avoid Constant Snacking

Aside from potentially affecting your waistline, regular snacking means that we’re constantly feeding the cavity-causing germs in our mouth. Kids that have the most cavities are usually the ones snacking throughout the day, and while it’s important to feed your kid when they are hungry, more infrequent, larger meals may do more for their oral health than a lot of smaller meals throughout the day.

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