4 Tips for Finding the Right Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

4 Tips for Finding the Right Dental Insurance

Shopping around for dental insurance can be frustrating. With so many factors to consider, how do you pick the best plan for yourself and your family? Our goal is to help you understand your insurance. Remember that dental insurance is not designed to cover all of your needs. Dental insurance is more of a supplement than a true insurance and the benefits are limited to typically $1000 to $2000 a year and not carried over year to year. It is an agreement between the employer (or patient if an individual plan) and insurance company.  As a provider we don’t have control over what the insurance will pay. We want our patients to know our goal is to recommend and provide quality dental care but insurance may not pay for all your needs.  In this article, we are going to offer a handful of tips for finding the right dental insurance to fit your needs.

Services Covered

The first thing you should look at is what services are covered under your policy. Exams? Routine checkups and cleanings? X-rays? Another thing to consider is what services do you plan on using? This can help guide you through the various policies available to you. Be sure you understand what exactly your policy covers and at what percentage.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Be sure to check your policy to see if there is a pre-existing conditions clause. This could make the cost of your dental care more expensive than you were anticipating.

In-Network Providers

If you already have a dentist or clinic that you like, make sure they are an in-network provider. Visiting out of network providers can increase your dental costs.

Waiting Periods

Some dental insurance policies have waiting periods for certain procedures like bridges and crowns. Check to see if your policy has waiting periods for any such procedures.

Minnesota Dental Clinics

At Smiles for Life, we’re happy to talk with you through any dental insurance questions you might have. We’re here to make your dental visit as painless as possible! Finding the right dentist is important for your overall dental health. Dr. Tim Brooks has many years of experience as a family and cosmetic dentist, serving patients throughout Minnesota. At Smiles for Life, we provide compassionate care to each and every patient we treat. Contact us today at Smiles for Life Dental to set up your appointment with Dr. Brooks. We have dental clinics in Bloomington and Farmington, but provide treatment to patients throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota.

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