How a Dentist Can Help with Snore Prevention

Snoring Prevention Dentist

How a Dentist Can Help with Snore Prevention

Snoring is a common and annoying disturbance that can disrupt sleep and cause a host of other issues. Many people suffer from snoring, and most simply live with it. But there are easy methods for treating your snoring. In this article, we are going to discuss how a dentist can help reduce your snoring issues.

Problems Related to Snoring

Snoring is caused by rattling vibrations in the throat during sleep – the result of a narrowing of the patient’s air passage. Snoring can cause several health issues, some of them severe. Here are some of the associated issues that snoring can cause:

  • Lack of sleep (for you and your significant other)
  • Fatigue
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased risk of stroke

Visiting the Dentist for Snoring Issues

Not many people even consider visiting a dental clinic to treat their snoring. It’s true that there are many medical professionals who can help treat snoring issues. But dentists have several methods for preventing and treating snoring in patients. At Smiles for Life, we offer the Silent Night Snore Prevention Device. This plastic mouthpiece alleviates the narrowing of the patient’s air passage during sleep, reducing snoring in the process. Each mouthpiece is custom-fitted based on the patient’s anatomy to keep the jaw open at the ideal angle to decrease snoring.

Dental Experts in Bloomington, MN

If snoring is impacting your ability to get a good night’s sleep – or your significant other’s sleep – contact us as Smiles for Life to learn about your options. Dr. Brooks has many years of experience providing dental care to patients throughout the state of Minnesota. With unparalleled and compassionate care, we strive to treat each patient for their individual needs. Contact our team today to set up your appointment at our Bloomington dental clinic.

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