Screening with ViziLite

Screening with ViziLite

Early detection of oral cancer increases the success rate of treatment

Do you remember when you were young child and your dentist did a plaque test on your teeth to show you where you need to brush more? It was so fun to see the results after the cleaning. Your mouth felt cleaner and you could see that it actually was cleaner too! ViziLite is sort of the same concept, only it’s purpose is to detect something much more serious than plaque. If, during your visual oral exam your dentist spots a suspicious lesion, that lesion can easily be tested in as little as two minutes. ViziLite dye is spread on the lesion and a special lite is used to determine if the spot could possibly be cancerous, or if it’s a common mouth sore. ViziLite screenings will take the worry out of suspected lesions and will help detect oral cancer at a much earlier stage. Why lose sleep at night waiting for that suspicious cold sore to heal?


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